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Magnetic Tile Set (152 pcs)

Magnetic Tile Set (152 pcs)

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The little builder will love this 152 piece magnetic tile set will help children recognize the shapes, acquire a strong sense of color by building unlimited open-ended structures from a small car to a big.

 The magnetic tiles click together from the top, bottom, even on the edges, no matter what orientation - they don’t collapse easily.

The strong and large built-in magnets offer kids the ability to stack and build big, solid structures from the ground, on the table, or on the wall.

PicassoTiles' magnetic tiles are made to fit a child's hands


8  L-Shaped Tiles 

34 Equilateral Triangles

28  Acute Triangles
1  Magnetic Car Part

12  Quarter Circles

18  Small Rectangles 

24  Squares 

6  Mirror Tiles 

4  Designed Squares 

4  H-Shaped Tiles

8  Long Triangles 

5 Right Angle Triangles

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