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Rainbow Set (Six Stones)

Let 'em show their true colors! Our Original Rainbow's got that vibrant rainbow feel to liven up imaginative play all day. Not only are they great for stacking, but these sustainable and durable stones can also be used for sitting, climbing, and throwing. With its various uses and open-ended play, the Original Rainbow is a perfect addition to playtime and its beauty can elevate any home.

  • Safe stacking elements: no sharp corners or edges, water-, saliva- and UV-resistant 
  • Stapelstein® Original elements are 0.4 light and can support up to 396 lb in weight
  • Stapelstein® Boards are 0.6 light and can support up to 264 lb    
  • Stapelstein® elements are made of eco-friendly EPP (expandable polypropylene) 
  • Is compatible with all Stapelstein® products 
  • Color of the actual products may differ from that on the screen, due to lighting conditions during product photography and different screen settings. 
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Rainbow Set (Six Stones)
  • Color: Pastel